We can help you take control of your vehicles, improve their condition and prevent maintenance to save money!

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Mobile app for total control over all your assets


  • Works for all brands
  • Available on all types of devices
  • Fast and effortless implementation

Free your time to focus on the task that matters

  • You have already a full schedule and you know that taking care of machines can save you a lot of money. But it takes to much effort and time. Besides this I have to keep reminding operators ALL THE TIME.

Control your costs

  • Invoices from service or repairs are hard to follow up. Do you even know if a certain machine needed repair?

Know the status and usage

  • Operations in one department needs a new machine but you have the feeling some are not used. Do you have the right setup? Are you using all machines? Statistics will give you this knowledge!

We believe in you!

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Error reporting, Pre-op check list, Statistics & Status

with a unique, built-in communication system to workshops and back office

Basic functionality:

  • Effective communication

    Communicate in the moment. Our apps make it easy to communicate to the organisation in the the process. Easy to report and reply on to any message.

  • Notifications from events

    Setup the system to send Notifications triggered by actions in the system. Notifications can be triggered by all type of events or values that is reported. Users within or outside the company can select Notifications they want to subscribe to.

  • Cheif Reminding Officer

    Are you tired of reminding users and operators to perform a specific job. Eg. to fill out a report or upload a photo from a incident. Mymo AddOns Smart sensor app be connected to a sertain location or asset. The system can then be setup to automatically send puch-notification IF a specific job isn´t done.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words.....always take a photo

    When reporting a deviation or damage a picture is ALWAYS the best way to prove the situation. In Mymo AddOns all files and pictures are easy to find. Always searchable on all  tag-values in the actual rapport.

  • Safe Cloud storage

    Mymo AddOns has a tagbased cloudservice for datastorage as a foundation that all apps are built on. You never need to think about size of storage ad where to find your files.

  • Share globally - whenever you like to whoever you like

    Setup sharing contracts on tag-level to automatically share data to a business partner or affiliate. You share both files, data and statistics. This enables for you to share a business process between many companies at the same time.

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