MY FIRST POST: Help me – help you!



me and my colleagues will publish information, comment on articles and create content that will help warehouse managers and operators get a greater understanding of common issues, possibilities, solutions that can be implemented to get more effective and maybe even become better leaders.

We will try to keep updated on events and news about terminal and warehouse operator handlings.

provide case-studies from customers and competitor solutions. All to help you get better cross docking services, terminal services and warehouse services.


Why am I here?

My background is from designing, developing and implementing automated warehouse and production solutions.

Since I started 1997 with programming AGV systems I have also worked with configuring WMS systems, designing and documentation of solutions, implementing solutions, educating operators, pre-sales, after sales and system support. 2010 I started a new path as a entrepreneur. I started my own company and worked as a solo consultant for a couple of years.

I have get to learn how many different companies work. How culture in a business slows down development and changes. How fragmented the world is when it comes to how many companies that does the exact same thing. This experience have made me more open minded and humble.

2013 I helped a company to design, develop and implement different type of solutions in their business. This was my first contact with the transport industry. My plan was to do this project and then take next but as the customer said, “Welcome to transport industry – now you are stuck here..”. The future will tell if I’m stuck but right now I’m all in on this and see that we can help many to do more with less effort.

It itches in me when I wee everything we can do…but now I will focus on Cross docking terminal.


As you can see on me I’m a little nervous about this but I hope you will send me feedback that can improve and give you even better and more interesting posts.

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“Let the games begin….”