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Simple communication between driver and back office

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How does it work?

NTEX will share transport information so the driver always have the latest information and get jobs to perform to a system. In the same way the driver can report when job is performed, upload PODs, damages and deviations to the forwarder.

With just computer, tablet or smartphone the driver will be able to see the TRIP with information(where to) and report back to Traffic coordinator about; Pickup Trailer, Unloading jobs, Load jobs, Deposit trailer

Driver  – Your company

Receives transport information and reports back status updates.

  • Always have the latest information
  • Easy step by step process
  • Easier to understand each-other with common view

Traffic planning - NTEX

Sends consignment to Driver and receives status updates direct into business system.

  • Another way to inform & communicate with driver
  • Receives status updates and reports in real-time from driver to planning system
  • Get actual status on load and trailer

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Together we challenge industry conventions

Thomas Ström

Hello there, I'm really happy that you read this!

To stay competitive on the market and still have our flexibility we need to develop smart solutions. Do do this we need to make communication as simple as possible and at the same time improve our quality and automate administration.

This is a really tough but we really think we can do this together. This mobile app is a first step!

We are looking forward to see your company in the list of connected drivers in a near future!

Best regards /

Thomas Ström, CEO at NTEX AB

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If you have any concerns or questions you are welcome to contact
Jon Högström at 0760-324455 or send an email to jon.hogstrom@ntex.se 

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