Release Notes 2018-05-07

New Features:


  • Check-In and Arrival Board

Check-in and the Arrival board pages work together to help you keep track of who is here to pick up or deliver something, and what the something in question is.

The Check-in functionality allows a truck driver to signal that they have arrived, and to “claim” the jobs assigned to them.  Having done so, the system will generate a QR code that will allow them to see the Arrival board.  Speaking of which…
The Arrival board is a quick and easy way to see which items are ready for pick-up or delivery and which ones are being processed.

Please see the following video for more details!



  • Expanded Functionality for Notifications
    • Notifications have undergone a significant transformation.
  1. Notifications are no longer broadcast to everyone.
  2. Notifications will only reach users involved in the pertinent job.
  3. Users will not be notified about their own activities.
  4. The following will generate notifications:
    • Mark a trailer as Here or Not Here
    • Complete a terminal job
    • Unassign and re-assign a user to a job
    • Report a Terminal Deviation
    • Report a Booking Deviation
  5. Notifications will not be generated by Location Deviations nor Cost Deviations at this time.


Please see the following video for more details!



  • User Agreement now in place. The first time a user logs in, they will have to read and accept the User Agreement, in accordance to the latest rules and guidelines, in order to use Mymo.

Please see the following video for more details!




  • When confirming a new account, the acknowledgement page has had its look updated.
  • Pages that revolve around password retrieval have had their look and feel updated.
  • Minor text and layout updates.
  • Performance and stability optimization