Release Notes 2019-03-04

New Features:


  • Mymo Terminal – On Terminal – Search Words: Writing these words in the search field will allow you to filter placements that have ADR and placements that have no out-trailer
    • IsAdr: will show you ADR placements
    • NoOutTrailer: will show placements with no out-trailer
  • Mymo Terminal – On Terminal: Location names are now converted to uppercase.
    • Previously it was possible to have two separate locations with the same name, depending on capitalization (for example aaa and AAA).  This is no longer supported in order to avoid confusion.
    • Locations that were previously treated as separate have now been merged



  • Mymo Terminal – On Terminal: Placements with a blank location name are now placed in “Blank” location so they can be interacted with in On Terminal.
  • Mymo Terminal – Changing the name of a trailer in Terminal View now also changes it in On Terminal in real-time.
  • Mymo Terminal – Terminal View: It is no longer possible to add placements with less than one unit.