Release Notes 2018-04-23

New Features:

  • Load Suggestions
    • Load jobs now display how many bookings are assigned to them as well as how many of those are on terminal, ready to be picked up.
  • Sort by Ready
    • Hand in hand with Load Suggestions, a new sorting option has been added to Terminal View that lets you have quick visibility of load jobs that are ready. Sorting by ready will display trailers in the following order:
      1. Trailers that are ready to load and are marked as here
      2. Trailers that are ready to load but are not marked as here
      3. Rest of visible trailers


Please see the following video for more details on both Load Suggestions and the new Ready sorting button:


  • Reworked the flow of picking placements in Load jobs:
    • Instead of having to pick multiple placements individually, there is now a “Pick all” button. Clicking it will automatically pick all the available placements.
    • The Done button now has a counter that shows how many placements have been picked out of the total available placements.
    • As an error-prevention measure, if you click the Done button when there are still unpicked placements, you will get a popup that will allow you to confirm that you want to go ahead and ignore the warning, or to pick all placements after all.

Please see the following video for more details on this rework:


  • Terminal View now automatically adds users to a job’s involved users list when they perform almost any action pertaining to that job. (not marked as assigned, marked as contributor. Can be both)



  • It is now possible to include the following events to your Flows:
    1. Number of Collis created
    2. Terminal Job created

Go to the Webhooks page to try them out!


  • Added a warning message to the Add Property Name field when creating a new webhook that instructs users that the field only accepts alphanumeric characters.
  • Updated the look of the locked out page, visible after multiple failed logins.
  • The table in Terminal statistics no longer displays trailer names as links.
  • Minor text and layout adjustments.
  • Performance and stability optimization.